Codependency has painful effects which often result in abusive stressful relationships. These relationships typically occur with a significant other, at work and/or with family. Native Healing Program educates and provides treatment for codependency within the unfolding historical trauma effect and Native American culture. We utilize our cultural healing practices along with current evidenced based treatment modalities. The essence of healing codependency involves removing the internal blocks that prevent someone from loving themselves. These internal blocks are often based in unprocessed; resentments; abandonment; guilt; fear; grief; etc.. Healing also involves a change in perception of oneself and the world, away from victim-hood and towards self-love.       

For a Codependency Application we have several options to receive one:

  1. By using our "Contact Us" tab and write Codependency Application in the Message box and we will send one to you which ever way you prefer mail, email or fax.

  2. By calling 605-342-8925 and requesting one to be mailed, emailed or faxed to your location.

  3. Codependency dates are subject to change at any time. Additional forms for this treatment needs to be completed after acceptance into this treatment.

Creating a Process for Positive Change


2022 Codependency schedule below

Co-Dependency Treatment

Six months of post treatment sobriety needed or one year sobriety without treatment

•  Dynamics of Co-Dependency

•  Symptoms of Co-Dependency

•  Enabling

•  Healthy Boundaries

•  Relationships

•  Grief

•  Understanding the Process of Healing