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Co-Dependency Treatment

Creating a Process for Positive Change

Codependency has painful effects which often result in abusive stressful relationships. These relationships typically occur with a significant other, at work and/or with family. Native Healing Program educates and provides treatment for codependency within the unfolding historical trauma effect and Native American culture. We utilize our cultural healing practices along with current evidenced based treatment modalities. The essence of healing codependency involves removing the internal blocks that prevent someone from loving themselves. These internal blocks are often based in unprocessed; resentments; abandonment; guilt; fear; grief; etc.. Healing also involves a change in perception of oneself and the world, away from victim-hood and towards self-love.       

To get a copy of the Codependency Application please click on the “Application” tab located on this page or call the office at 605-342-8925.

  1. Additional Codependency forms will need to be completed before you start this treatment.

  2. You will also need to provide proof of tribal enrollment and a valid photo id along with any insurance you may have.

  3. The Codependency application and forms can be mailed, emailed or faxed to your location by request.

  4. Codependency dates and times are subject to change at any time.


Six months of post treatment sobriety needed or one year sobriety without treatment

•  Dynamics of Co-Dependency

•  Symptoms of Co-Dependency

•  Enabling

•  Healthy Boundaries

•  Relationships

•  Grief

•  Understanding the Process of Healing

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