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Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Native Healing Program (NHP) offers intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment sessions in the evenings as indicated. NHP is likely the only treatment program in Rapid City that offers a 100% Native American counseling staff and administration. Treatment facilitators with NHP are born into the Native American culture and are great guides during your treatment. We understand issues and difficulties unique to Native American life that is often made worse with the use of alcohol and/or drugs. We provide a welcoming safe place that is felt the moment you walk in the door. This is your program.


NHP utilizes standard concepts and evidenced based practices found in substance abuse treatment along with needed treatment services unique to Native Americans. Our IOP treatment educates on the Historical Trauma experience and its unfolding effects in to our personal experiences today that often results in painful life experiences and legal problems. NHP values healing concepts that targets the underlying reasons for substance abuse such as unresolved difficult life experiences.


We utilize cultural norms such as smudging and prayer with every session. NHP does offer Inipi (sweat lodge) for our IOP Treatment clientele. The IOP facilitator will schedule the Inipi’s during your treatment time with NHP. Scheduling times for Inipi’s vary and are subject to change during the IOP treatment. We do incorporate education on values, virtues and sacred rites of our culture while respecting all religious beliefs.


Transportation is temporarily suspended due to the Covid 19 pandemic. IOP Treatment is in person group sessions that are located at our facility along with One-on-One Sessions that coincide with your IOP Group sessions. These One-on-One sessions are scheduled by your IOP Treatment facilitator. Updates coming soon. Thank you!


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