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Online Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Information

Greetings! Thank you for your interest in doing a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation with the Native Healing Program (NHP). We are currently conducting Online Video Evaluations. We are no longer be giving out or processing paper packets.

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Please follow the following instructions below to get started:

  • First, contact our office at 605-342-8925 or 605-721-4108 and we will create an electronic chart gathering your demographic information. You will be required to provide a valid email address. We will then send our website link to your email address. Then we will give you a username and password to access our “EHR Your Way Client Portal.” You will need access to the internet and a device with audio and video accessibility for this process. You can use your phone, laptop, and tablet to conduct our online process.

  • You will receive a “no reply” email sent to you from the Native Healing Program. The email will give you brief instructions to follow and will instruct you to click on the link to our “Client Portal” to open our website. Once you have opened our website, you will enter in your username and password. It will prompt you to change your password to whatever you would like for security purposes. Then it will ask you to re-enter in your username and new updated password. Three letters are sent to you within your Client Portal, these letters are for reading and informational purposes only. The documents sent to you are a Required Documents letter, a Greetings Letter and your Patient Rights and Responsibilities letter.

  • Once you have successfully entered our website you will need to upload a picture of your proof of tribal enrollment and valid photo ID (No expired ID cards are accepted). These documents are required to do your evaluation with NHP. You will then contact our office to advise us that you have uploaded your required documents.

  • We will then verify that you have uploaded your required documents in your chart. Once we have verified them, we will then send you all the evaluation forms to you Client Portal for you to complete.

  • After you have completed all the forms, you will need to contact our office to advise us of the completion of all forms. All evaluation documents will disappear off your list once they have been finalized. We will then screen your documents and then schedule you for an online video evaluation.


**Drug and Alcohol Evaluation scheduling vary due to staff trainings, holidays and can be lengthy at times. **

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